The Fleet Pro Course is a driving and skills workshop that will see delegates tested, challenged and tutored on the road, racetrack and skid-stage, as well as being comprehensively briefed and educated in a classroom environment. This course is designed to help fleet drivers become safer road users, by teaching them essential driving and evasion techniques. Before booking a Fleet Pro course a member of the Academy team will meet with you to discuss your fleets requirements and as such the course is able to be tailored specifically to your companies needs and goals.

Who Should take this course

This course is designed for fleet drivers who are on the roads of Barbados on a daily basis. It is suitable for any age and is recommended for every fleet driver in Barbados. The Fleet Pro utilizes the MUI Driving Academy vehicles as well as the Fleet’s own vehicles.

Course Objectives

After successfully passing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Complete a pre-trip checklist to ensure vehicle safety
  • Have a workable knowledge of the Barbados Highway Code
  • Understand vehicle dynamic and their importance to driving safely
  • Appreciate the impacts of distracted driving
  • Recognize external factors that inhibit drivers’ ability to concentrate
  • Be able to identify the anatomy of an accident and list the steps that could have been employed to prevent it
  • Demonstrate car control and finesse
  • Employ evasive maneuvers in case of an emergency situation
  • Identify hazards while driving and use correct techniques to safely pass them