Karting Experience

The Karting Experience offers participants the chance to drive on a specially-designed 0.41-kilometre circuit in a Birel kart, powered by a 270cc four-stroke Honda engine, capable of up to around 50mph on the straights . . . although it will seem much faster for the driver, sitting just a few inches above the ground.

Regular Experience:

  • Timed session with drivers lap times available at the end of the session
  • Provision of time sheet with individual lap times and the best overall performance
  • Duration – 10 minutes  
  • Pricing – USD 35 per person 
  • BD$ 55 (CARICOM National)           

Grand Prix Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 persons
  • 5 minutes qualifying
  • Drivers grid according to qualifying lap times.
  • 15 minute race
  • Drivers finishing positions and individual lap times sheets available after the race
  • Duration – 20 minutes 
  • Pricing – USD 70 per person
  • BD$ 110 (CARICOM National) 

The karts are designed to meet worldwide ‘arrive & drive’ safety regulations, with front, side and rear crash protection; the seat and pedals are adjustable.

Reguirements for Karting Experiences:

  • Ages 12 and up (kids karts from 6 yrs and up will be available in the coming months)
  • Height – 5 ft tall minimum.
  • Weight limit – 260lbs
  • Enclosed shoes/sneakers must be worn
  • Safety gear is provided – neck brace, balaclava and helmet

Safety first: All karters must watch a safety video prior to their experience which demonstrates the use of the various flags and their meaning; how to get in and out of the kart etc. It is mandatory to sign a Liability Waiver prior to the start of the event. Karting drivers 18 years and under must be accompanied by an adult guardian during the briefing, who must sign a waiver on their behalf.