Meet Our Team

The MUIDSA team have a background in Adult Education, Mentoring & Consulting. The most important common denominator across the team is our passion for Training.
One of the major benefits of our structure is that we don’t need to outsource our training, we utilise the abilities and past experiences of our trainers, whilst promoting internal staff training.  This frees up significant amount of our team’s time, allowing us to focus on our mission empowering learners and coaches to transform the driving industry.
All of our trainers are Independent Driving Instructors who own their own Driving schools or are franchised. We are committed to teaching “Safe driving for life!”
We are  Approved Driving Instructors which means we are fully qualified to give driving tuition and the standards of our driving lessons are routinely checked by the MUIDSA Standards Team.
Image result for Royal Barbados Police ForceIn addition, we are fully checked by  Police Certificate of Character  and abide by the Approved Driving Instructors Code Of Practice.