‘So You Think You Can Drive!’

A MUIDSA Driving Contest, featuring driver from all walks of life.  The contest is hosted at Bushy Park and features obstacles directly out of the MUIDSA course, organized and judged by MUIDSA Instructors Mr. Bee & Romario Bennett . It will be an ‘every man for himself’ contest, featuring 5 separate courses, judged on a scale of 1-10.



Competition Format:

Points will be awarded for each challenge- the person with the least points at the end of the day, wins.



  • Finesse: Drive around our slalom of cones without the tennis ball falling out of the finesse dish on the bonnet of the vehicle.  Every time the ball falls out the driver must stop the car, replace the ball and go again.
    • Aim: To complete the slalom in the shortest period of time.
  • Reverse Parking: Reverse park the vehicle in a number of spaces of reducing size. Every time a cone is touched 10 seconds is added to the competitor’s
    • Aim: To reverse park the car without touching the cones in the shortest period of time
  • Car Control:
  • Driving around the Bushy Park track using our ControlPal. Every time theImage result for ControlPalControlPal beeps, this is recorded against the driver.
    • Aim: To drive around the Bushy Park track without the ControlPal beeping.
  • Evasion: Drivers must successfully evade an obstacle on our evasion course in the shortest amount of time without touching any of the cones. Each cone touched will add 10 seconds onto the driver’s time.
  • Drunk Google Walking:
  • Navigate a predetermined course without touching any of theImage result for drunk gogglesobstacles wearing the ‘drunk googles’.
    • Aim: Safely pass through the course without hitting or stepping on anything.
  • Stopping Distance: Each driver will mark on the track the distance that they believe it will take Image result for stopping distances in kmthem to stop at their given speed (each driver will be given different speeds to avoid persons copying!) If thedriver gets within 1 foot of either side of his/her proposed stoppinglocation,he/she will score 20 points. The distance from each driver’s proposed stopping location and his/her actual location will be measured and for every foot each driver is out, a point will be deducted from the score.
    • Aim: To show the Drivers the difference between their “Perceived” & “Real”  Stopping Distances.


Point Scoring Per Exercise:

Position                                   Points

1st                                            2 points

2nd                                           3 points

3rd                                            4 points

4th                                            5 points

5th                                            8 points

6th                                           10 points

7th                                            12 points

8th                                            15 points

9th                                            18 points

10th                                          20 points