YOUNGDRIVER‘s are vulnerable on our roads.  Add various distractions to the equation and we have a series of collisions  waiting to happen.


The Syllabus for our YOUNGDRIVER practical course teaches;

  • Car Control
  • Commentary Drive
  • Night Driving, Identifying the risks
  • Dealing with own and other drivers errors

The  course explores the dangers of Driving that have been underestimated for years. The attention focused on control, seeing and being seen, erratic driving and Night driving.

The YOUNGDRIVER course has a 40/60 classroom to practical ratio. There is an element of peer and self-assessment under the supervision of a Senior Instructor.


The YOUNGDRIVER course is suitable for any young driver or group of young drivers with a driving motor vehicle.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the YOUNGDRIVER course is to develop awareness of the many forms of distraction and ways to eliminate and reduce them, as well as measures to reduce the risk of the other drivers who are distracted. This course has an element of peer assessment and self-assessment under the supervision of a Senior Instructor.

Course Timetable

The courses begins at 9:30am with registration and finishes at approximately 5:00pm with a presentation of certificates.

The course consists of a 40/60 mix of classroom and practical sessions and is available at Bushy Park only. All exercises are fully supervised at all times by a Senior Instructor.

Subjects Covered

  • Visual Distractions – taking your eyes off the road
  • Car Control
  • Identify the risks

Several attempts are made at each exercise, with immediate feedback given to each driver by the Instructor. Assessments will made by both the Instructor and your peers, to increase awareness.


Individual reports and a “Skills Assessment” covering both driver skills and attitude to driving, are provided at the end of the course. On successfully passing the course you will be rewarded with a “Certificate of Competence”, for the YOUNGDRIVER course.