• Graduates from the MUIDSA Advanced YOUNGDRIVER Course.
  • 2 hour 20 minute driving session includes mileage on the track
  • MUIDSA Ultimate Driving Experience for YOUNGDRIVER’s
  • One2One lesson on the iconic Bushy Park Circuit
  • Common Maneuvers
  • & a lot more.
  • Comprehensive debrief session consisting of detailed analysis from an instructor, as well as a certificate presentation.
  • Practice using the Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine when: –
    • Moving off
    • Stopping
    • Reversing
    • Changing speed
  • Improve confidence in changing up and down the gears, dealing with junctions
  • Planning for changes of speed limits
  • Planning and Awareness for speed changes
  • Practicing Approaching Speeds to Junctions
  • Accompanied session to introduce the theory of driving,
  • Show Me/ Tell Me questions
  • Impaired Driving goggles experience (to demonstrate the effects of drink/drugs when driving)
  • Option to sit in a Radical SR3 Racing Car!!!
  • Assessment sheet to take to your instructor when you start lessons
  • Debrief and presentation of Certificate on the famous MUIDSA Bushy Park Podium!


*Approximately 3.5 hours at Bushy Park including registration, briefings & 140 minutes driving time.

All for just $220.00